Finding a locksmith for your eco-friendly, organic home

While organic and become friendly homes often incorporate some of the most modern technology, they still need old-fashioned services like locksmiths. The truth is that the latest modern homes that should always include the latest and secure lock and key technologies. The best place to obtain information on where you can get these modern locks is with your local locksmiths.

locksmith eco home

Locksmiths will often charge a consultation fee for any advice given, however if you find a very friendly when they may well give you a few tips for free. As with anything in the service industry locksmith prices can vary depending on what area of the country that you’re in, if you’re in Stockport you may well paid less than if you were in Manchester.

Doing Locksmith training yourself for your home

I can’t tell you how many times my locksmith training has come in handy in my own eco-friendly home. The number of doors and window locks that I have had to change over the years is just staggering, I’ve probably save myself thousands of pounds and hours of time. If you do want a little locksmith training there are a number of locksmith course located around the country that will be more than willing to help you. I do admit this type of training isn’t for everyone however if you do have a background interested can be very useful.

It is not just your home they can benefit from you having locksmith skills either. A car locksmith is a very expensive thing indeed to have to hire in a hurry, if you know how to do things yourself you can often save a lot of money on locksmith prices. Having built my own eco home, I would advise you to pay as much is your budget permits for your locks, the last thing that you want to have done is built a beautiful home only to find that the door lock isn’t up to scratch.

Using solid oak flooring in your eco-home

Solid oak flooring is not only a wonderful building material but it can also be extremely environmentally friendly. If you’re trying to have as little impact on the environment as possible, it is very important to consider where you are sorting your oak beams from. As an example of this, I managed to find a great deal of oak flooring in my local salvage yard, they willing to give it to me for a very low price too.

oak flooring in an eco home

Solid oak flooring also makes an excellent insulator, this is crucial if you are looking to keep heat in your home and not waste money. Oak beams can work in tangent with your other forms of installation, They can really help to lock heat into a room and present it is keeping through other forms of flooring such as tiles.

Where to source your solid oak flooring

Where you source your oak from is a very important factor in how environmentally friendly you are. Reclaimed oak is an excellent way of ensuring that less oak trees are actually kept down, Mrs would that would otherwise end up in a salvage yard.

When it comes to actually laying oak flooring, you can be a pretty tricky task. If you’re not particularly inclined to do it yourself, it may be a better choice to employ an expert. If you are laying a salvaged oak floor it may be worth having a go yourself. I would never condone wasting good awkward however that if you’re on a budget it can sometimes be helpful to be able to do things yourself.

Putting modern gadgets like a silent gliss curtain track in an eco home

Now I fully appreciate what you may be thinking, surely any gadgets that use extra electricity must be bad. While a partially agree I do make a few exceptions because I love my gadgets. I am perfectly happy to use things like a Silent Gliss curtain track in my home because I know that they use extremely little energy, in fact the use none at all when they are turned off which they are most of the day.

Upgrade your eco home with a non corded curtain track

These gadgets make a welcome change from a corded curtain track for example, they can really give your home in a futuristic feel and are so satisfying to actually use. Simon Chris probably the leading manufacturers of these electric curtain tracks and make a wonderful addition to any home. Before you start wondering whether I’m getting paid to write this blog post I can say that I am definitely not I am simply just a big fan of these electric devices.

corded curtain track

If you’re used to using a regular curtain track this gadget can be a massive improvement particularly if your curtains are located high up in your home. They come in various styles and colours to just like your regular curtain tracks and hanging curtains on them couldn’t be simpler. You simply take your curtain hooks and place your regular cadence on to them these then slayed onto your electric curtain track. More heavy duty curtain track ladies may be required to support additional weight if you are hanging a particularly heavy set of curtains onto them.